Russia is picking up speed

Especially in the area of e-commerce, the Russian market currently stands out with its dynamism and innovative spirit. Strong local companies and increasing purchasing power are fueling the promising development.

Dynamic and innovative spirit in supply chain management and intralogistics

The profile of the Russian market is individual and independent - copying and imitating the international market is an absolute no-go among local players. Companies are pursuing their own ideas, goals and plans. Every project in Russia has its own character and is never a copy / paste project of the successful competition. LNConsult brings in many years of experience in supply chain management and intralogistics in businesses that are full of knowledge, strategic thinking and innovative spirit.


"We are currently working on interesting new projects! Many companies are investing in sustainable and long-term business strategies instead of fixing issues or responding to market trends. Our Russian customers are building strategic paths for tomorrow." Thomas Mayr, CEO LNConsult


A strong local partner

The decision of partnering with Smart Price, a strong local partner, paid off from the very beginning. The development shows a positive trend. We are looking forward to a well-filled pipeline of new projects in Russia.

Moreover, we are planning to further expand our local resources in order to be even closer to the market and its needs. LNConsult is showing a strong commitment and focus on the Russian market. We are on-site, we know the local challenges and how to deal with them, we are close to our customers and their projects to understand them in depth!

Benchmarks in Russia

We have developed a future-proof logistics concept with a high degree of automation for a leading manufacturer of electrical systems, which is absolutely unique in Europe. The site has been in operation for several years and has a significant impact on the companies’ ability to reach its ambitious growth targets.

After an intensive consulting and planning phase accompanied by LNConsult, a leading retailer in the food sector today operates the most modern retail warehouse in Russia. It has a process and thus cost transparency that does not exist in any other site within the industry.

We were able to conclude a long-term contract for the development of a state-of-the-art logistics site with a leading Russian producer of cleaning products. The planning horizon we agreed upon is at least 5 years and this shows once again the strategic approach of Russian companies.

We have developed a wide variety of future concepts for various e-commerce companies. With last mile strategies and microfulfilment center concepts, LNConsult strengthens the competitive advantage of its customers in their markets.

Dealing with the crisis

Our projects in Russia were initially hit by the corona pandemic but they gathered momentum again as the fiscal year progressed. In Russia people and companies know how to deal with crises due to their history and they demonstrated a rapid recovery. Every crisis is followed by growth - the phase of "restarting" came quicker in Russia than in other countries. Since last autumn the number of consulting requests as well as the number of projects are increasing. More and more Russian companies are relying on external experts to accelerate growth.

The market potential in Russia is great and we see unlimited business opportunities. Our intensive investigation, the high quality of our products and services and our enthusiasm will enable us to convert this potential into real projects.

Moreover, Russian companies show a certain risk tolerance with regard to new concepts and technologies. They have recognized the opportunities coming with digital transformation - they automate, digitalize and stay future-oriented. In this geographical market we have the chance to exploit our entire consulting potential and use it to help our customers to maximize their profitability.