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Electronic Price Tags for Retail, Industry and Office

With the use of electronic shelf labels (ESL), prices can be changed in seconds at the POS, not only manually but also automated based on KPI's, rules and competitor prices. 
This not only ensures your price image and competitiveness with other retailers but also guarantees at the same time that the price labeling is consistent with other sales channels and the label on the shelf matches the actual price at the checkout. With minimal time spent in the stores.

Likewise, the same technology can be used to track flows of goods in the warehouse or on the shop floor and make picking processes easier, faster and less error-prone with the help of built-in LEDs and pick-by/put-to-light.

With the use as digital room signage in the office, your employees can book and manage rooms independently and fully integrated and additionally get an overview of the booking situation at and in the meeting rooms.

LNConsult is your reliable partner for digitalization in the logistics, production and retail environment with over 20 years of experience. We consult and support you from the initial idea, through implementation to the end of the lifecycle of your chosen solution. Design, implementation, software and hardware from a single partner.

Wireless ePaper Displays - in General:

  • Known as e-paper, also used for Kindle eBook Reader, among others
  • Wireless, battery life about 5-7 yearsPower consumption only during an image change, after that the image can be displayed for months without power consumption
  • Fantastic readability from all angles, especially under direct (sun)light irradiation
  • Display colors: black, white, red and yellow
  • Full graphic display, display of logos, QR codes and graphics possible
  • Additional functionality and usecases through a built-in 7 color LED in the housing
  • Integrated NFC chip enables interaction between ESL and smartphone

ESL - Retail:

  • Margin optimization through dynamic price adjustment
  • Optimized sales of overstocks and lot goods
  • Fast reaction to competitor promotions
  • Significant personnel workload reduction
  • Cost reduction for price adjustments
  • Process optimization such as picking aids
  • Extended customer communication in the omnichannel environment including checkout at the shelf
  • Reduced staff workload for reordering, inventory and vacancies
  • Real-time sales assistance for employees through e.g. stock level information


ESL - Industry IoT:

  • Dynamic visualization of real-time data
  • Full transparency through Real Time Location System
  • Increased efficiency through fully automated processes
  • Focus on value-adding activities
  • Increased process safety and high reliability Compatibility with external systems
  • Cost reduction through process optimization
  • Error reduction e.g. through pick-by-light

ESL - Digital Signage:

  • Integration with MS Exchange, GoogleCalendar and third-party systems.
  • Saves time and resources and eliminates any manual intervention on site
  • Centrally managed system with good overview if a room is already booked
  • Welcome customers
  • See immediately at the meeting table when the next appointment starts
  • View wifi hotspot login credentials


LNConsult ESL - The Best You Can Get:

  • Know-how leader for ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels)
  • ESL consulting by experts (initial consultation, ROI calculation, IT integration, tenders etc.)
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Labels and digital price tags from worldwide market leaders
  • The best technology on the market
  • The best ESL-retail software on the market
  • Customized solutions
  • Complete solutions (in combination with MDEs, networks, wireless LAN, etc.)
  • Full service: a one-stop shop
  • Our own internal Development Department for "customer optimized solutions"
  • 360° support by our in-house Support and Repair Center