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Picking Solutions

An easy, fast, efficient productivity boost: The optimized picking solutions from LNConsult quickly and securely conduct orders through the warehouse and transfer the items to the order picking process. A considerable reduction in error rate, easy and fast operation of the software, and high flexibility in the integration are the distinguishing features of LNConsult's successful solutions all over the world.

Innovative & Effective Picking Solutions:

LNC VOICENT (Pick by Voice)

  • Complete focus on the process through hands/eyes-free technology


  • All-in-one hardware
  • Leading technologies with inspiring features/additional functions
  • Process-optimized through customized solutions

Light Picking (PickToLight / PutToLight):

  • For more speed in picking
  • Increased flexibility through radio-based solutions


  • Intelligent, ultrafast picking solutions
  • Process-optimized through customized solutions. Innovative technologies for all applications
  • 1 system for all solutions – centrally controlled

Pick the Best:

  • Market leader in new picking technologies (PBL with ESL labels)
  • Large product portfolio: almost every picking solution on offer
  • The individual best solution for every customer: "Process first, technology second"
  • Full service: a one-stop shop
  • 360° support by our in-house Support and Repair Center