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Smart Sensoring & IoT

Logistics centers are increasingly faced with the challenge of working quickly and profitably while at the same time cutting costs.

The detection and exact processing of physical dimensions ("smart sensoring") is therefore an important factor for efficient logistics functioning. The sensors, which LNConsult offers individually, work precisely and deliver measurement results without interference in processes.

In addition, the "Internet of Things" (IoT) supports the implementation of an efficient workflow.

LNConsult - Maximum Experience for the Best Result:

  • Large product portfolio for individual and precisely aligned "IoT/4.0" solutions
  • The opportunity to combine various technologies
  • Full Service: a one-stop shop
  • Our own internal Development Department for customer-optimized solutions
  • Experienced employees from different business sectors guarantee the best possible solution-oriented support (software development, hardware, customer service, engineering, digital signage/industry 4.0)
  • 360° support by our in-house Support and Repair Center