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Take Control of Your Warehouse Gates with Ease & Efficiency

LNC GATEWIZ software solution helps you effortlessly map, plan and manage gate utilization, schedule cargo, streamline communication and manage your warehouse workload with ease.

With our user-friendly interface, you and your team can access shipment details, loading sequences and other relevant information to prepare for loading or unloading – without any stress.

Easy-to-use and intuitive

Experience hassle-free warehouse management with LNC GATEWIZ, the easy-to-use and intuitive software tool that seamlessly interfaces with your ERP to manage dock availability, assign fixed or flexible time slots for delivery and provide smart notifications.  

Easily eliminate queues, automate truck arrivals and streamline communication.

Say goodbye to congestion at the warehouse gates, unexpected bursts in workload, charges for waiting hours and theft of high-value truck loads.


  • Interactive calendar display for easy truck scheduling and management
  • Forward-looking overview of availability to help plan and allocate resources effectively
  • Monitor activities at the loading ramps to ensure streamlined operations
  • Drag & drop functionality for adjusting time slots quickly and easily
  • Process time recordings to track and optimize warehouse operations
  • Management of appointments for efficient scheduling
  • Comprehensive target/actual reporting to provide valuable insights and data analysis
  • Event-based alert and reporting system to stay on top of any issues or delays
  • Generate detailed utilization reports per gate, ramp or site to optimize the utilization of space and resources
  • Different system languages to accommodate diverse user needs and preferences


  • Maintain a controlled truck, delivery and shipment flow with optimized scheduling
  • Reduce traffic congestion and driver waiting time, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient process
  • Decrease driver detention times and penalties, saving time and money for your business
  • Increase warehouse load capacity, resulting in higher productivity and throughput
  • Plan and use warehouse resources efficiently, maximizing productivity and minimizing waste
  • Balance the workload throughout the day, ensuring a more even distribution of work
  • Enjoy a single point of contact with a smart notification system that eliminates the need for emails or phone calls, streamlining your communication and minimizing errors