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Efficient Network Optimization

The next step towards efficiency. In order to meet the requirements of modern logistics in the best possible way, logistics networks must be optimized as a whole. LNConsult represents these optimizations with state-of-the-art software.

The Way to a Successful Opitimization:

  • Project start:
    An audit including recording of processes, material flows, and costs
  • Planning essentials are generated jointly
  • Network modeling:
    Baseline modeling of the current status and calibration. Joint comparison of values from the model with reality
  • Optimization of the actual status – without changing the infrastructure of current material flows and processes
  • "Do nothing scenario":
    The actual situation is updated without improvements or changes, taking into account the company’s business plan
  • Development of various optimization scenarios:
    Changes in locations, processes, workflows. Calculation of influences on the customer’s costs and service levels (especially delivery times and availability)
  • Collaborative selection of preferred scenarios
  • Risk analysis-Examinatation of the preferred scenarios in risky situations (such as recessions, shortage of personnel, political risks, border controls/import duties, etc.)
  • The best personal support during implementation, down to the last detail: One of LNConsult’s strengths

Optimized by Supply Chain Pros:

  • Experienced logistics experts as know-how leaders
  • Assessment and analysis of several scenarios
  • State-of-the-art software with cutting edge mathematical algorithms for the efficient optimization of supply chain costs
  • Intelligible and detailed presentation of the costs incurred by various scenarios, a clear comparison of the possible processes
  • Determination of ideal locations from a cost perspective (e.g. taxation issues, etc.)
  • Integration of network optimization in an intralogistics concept
  • Full service and personal support from A to Z