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Supply Chain Management

The ever-increasing competitive pressure in many markets requires the intensification of global networking. Massive cost pressures are leading to the relocation of facilities. In addition, significant growth can often only be achieved by opening up new markets. Increased complexity is the result. This development can only be achieved through efficient global networking of company activities.

Intelligent logistics processes, also known as supply chain management, combine these activities with each another. The integration of customers and suppliers is unthinkable without them. To meet these requirements, holistic logistics management is now more a duty than a virtue - from the basic logistical structures of a company through the transport network to provisioning models. LNConsult is a global partner and know-how leader in supply chain management.

LNConsult Supply Chain Management:

  • Process optimization:
    Analysis of existing processes and your IT landscape. Proposal of improved process and IT changes, and their implementation
  • Definition of key indicators:
    Definition of important key indicators per function in logistics, their calculation and related reporting. LNConsult is also happy to build a data warehouse and ensure that reporting is automated
  • Supply chain planning and forecasting:
    Review of planning and forecasting abilities. Support for creating your own planning system (from simple to sophisticated solutions)
  • Setup of processes and systems for transport optimization:
    Optimization of tours, outsourcing and implementation of route planning and transport management
  • Master data:
    Does all master data already exist? Must items be measured? Good master data is the basis for automation. Take the first step towards automation with LNConsult products
  • Bonus system for maximum employee motivation
  • IT infrastructure:
    Comprehensive examination, also including a WIFI survey as needed
  • Storage modeling:
    Optimization of picking stations to increase productivity
  • Process cost calculations:
    Division of processes and costs per process/activity.
  • Shift planning optimization:
    Shift planning – Depending on the requirements, simply with Excel or with highly developed software tools
  • Review of contracts with logistics service providers (e.g. transport…)

Supply Chain Management - State of the Art:

  • Employees experienced in supply chain management, introduction of technology and systems, research and development …)
  • Success-oriented work on all requirements for efficient supply chain management
  • Cost reduction
  • Better-directed supply chain operations
  • Reduced stock levels
  • Latest technology know-how from our in-house IT Department