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The Three Biggest Challenges of Paper & Pencil Within Warehouse Picking Processes

In the rapidly advancing world of technology, the warehousing industry is no exception to embracing digital solutions for enhanced efficiency and productivity. However, many companies continue to rely on outdated paper and pencil methods for their picking processes, which can lead to various inefficiencies and errors. In this article, we explore the most common problems associated with paper and pencil use in warehouses and shed light on modern picking solutions that can revolutionize the way warehouses operate.

LN Consult, 08.08.2023

The 3 Biggest Challenges of Using Paper and Pencil for Picking Processes:

1. Inaccuracy and Errors
One of the most significant drawbacks of using paper and pencil for order picking is the high potential for errors. Manual recording and transcribing of order details can lead to data entry mistakes, resulting in incorrect item quantities, misplaced items, and shipping errors. These inaccuracies can lead to dissatisfied customers, loss of revenue, and a tarnished reputation.

2. Time-Consuming Processes
Die kommissionierungsbasierte Verwendung von Papier erfordert, dass Mitarbeiter physisch Auftragsinformationen aufschreiben, Artikel im Lager suchen und abgeschlossene Aufgaben markieren. Diese manuellen Prozesse sind zeitaufwändig und können die Produktivität beeinträchtigen, indem sie Lagerhallen daran hindern, Aufträge effizient abzuwickeln. Zusätzlich führt der ständige Umgang mit Papier und dessen Lagerung zu Unordnung und Unorganisiertheit im Lager.

3. Lack of Real-Time Visibility
With paper and pencil systems, tracking the status of orders in real-time becomes challenging. Supervisors may struggle to monitor the progress of each picker, leading to delays in order fulfillment and potential bottlenecks in warehouse operations. The lack of visibility can make it difficult to respond promptly to changes in demand or unexpected disruptions.


Which Solution we Recommend & Why:

Despite the rapidly advancing world of technology, many warehouses still find themselves grappling with the limitations of outdated paper and pencil methods in their picking processes. Inaccuracies, time-consuming processes, and a lack of real-time visibility are just a few of the pitfalls associated with these traditional practices. To address these challenges and usher in a new era of efficiency and productivity, we introduce LNC VOICENT – a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize warehouse operations.

LNC VOICENT is a state-of-the-art software interface that leverages voice-guided workflows to optimize accuracy and streamline the picking process. By embracing modern picking solutions like LNC VOICENT, warehouses can overcome the limitations of paper and pencil and set themselves on a path towards enhanced efficiency and real-time visibility. In this article, we shed light on the transformative potential of LNC VOICENT, unlocking new opportunities for warehouses to thrive in the dynamic logistics landscape. 

Benefits of LNC VOICENT:

  • Hands-free, voice-guided workflows enable employees to complete tasks more efficiently and accurately.
  • Data entry errors can be minimized, leading to improved order accuracy and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Through innovative voice-supported warehouse management technology, your company can maintain a competitive edge.
  • Warehouse processes and workflows can be optimized, reducing operational costs.
  • New data can be quickly integrated with minimal configuration.

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