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Important Cooperation with Logivations

Strategic Synergy: LNConsult and Logivations Collaborate to Transform Supply Chain and Intralogistics on a Global Scale.
Optimizing Logistics with W2MO – a Collaborative Success Story  

LN Consult, 14.03.2024

Marking another milestone in the longstanding collaboration, the partnership between Logivations, an international consulting and technology company from Munich, and LNConsult, an Austrian well-known and proven logistics consulting, realization and digitalization partner for the industrial, distribution and retail business, has been instrumental in driving forward a multitude of successful projects within the dynamic landscape of supply chain & intralogistics. With LNConsult's mastery of Logivations' W2MO software, we have unlocked unparalleled efficiency solutions for clients globally. Together, we have embarked on a journey of shared experience and boundless innovation, spreading our collective expertise far and wide.

LNConsult and Logivations will also be presenting enhancements and specific application examples at the LogiMAT in Stuttgart from March 19th to 21st, 2024. (LNConsult Hall 8, D71, Logivations Hall 8, F05)


Logivations W2MO – Web to Modelling & Optimization 

Logivations offers effective solutions for supply chain, logistics planning and optimization, fleet management, transport robots, object recognition, and safety at work through its cloud-based AI software W2MO. All of these functionalities are fully integrated. Digital twins of logistical processes provide essential support, and scenario techniques along with modern optimization algorithms help enhance and increase the efficiency of the existing structures.

A unique feature is the real-time digitalization in W2MO and the utilization of the Digital Twin for fleet and storage space management for modern autonomous robots.

Over 30,000 professional users worldwide operate W2MO directly from the cloud or with a local installation, and W2MO can be easily integrated with other systems (e.g. SAP).



Dr. Christoph Plapp, Managing Partner Logivations:

"In the realm of logistics, a competent partner is indispensable. The synergy between Logivations and LN Consult is evident in our collaborative endeavors. Together, we navigate complex logistics challenges with precision and expertise. Our partnership embodies competence and fosters seamless cooperation, laying the groundwork for exceptional results."


LNConsult: Logistics Project Highlights

Agriculture Distribution – Kerbl, Germany

Albert Kerbl GmbH is making a strategic investment in the expansion of its central warehouse in Ampfing, Germany. The project, known as "Ampfing 3," involves a new building with a total area of 20,000 m², housing state-of-the-art facilities such as an automated high-bay pallet warehouse and an automated small parts warehouse. This expansion, a significant milestone for Kerbl, aims to enhance operational efficiency and meet growing customer demands across various product categories, from livestock to pets. The collaboration with LNConsult ensures expert guidance throughout the project, emphasizing a successful implementation and a lasting partnership. The groundbreaking ceremony on September 28, 2023, marked the official start of the implementation phase, positioning Kerbl for continued business growth.

Electric & Electronic Retail/E-Commerce – Kotsovolos, Greece

Kotsovolos, a leading Greek electrical and electronics retailer, is advancing into the critical phase of its warehouse expansion in collaboration with LNConsult. With a partnership dating back to 2019, Kotsovolos has achieved significant milestones in supply chain optimization and logistics. LNConsult has played a key role in conceptual and detailed design, as well as the tendering process for selecting material handling equipment for the new warehouse. Now, in the realization phase, Kotsovolos is actively establishing a 56,000 m² warehouse in the West Attika Area of Athens, Greece, equipped with advanced technology to cater to the specific needs of their diverse product range. The project represents a major leap forward in Kotsovolos' logistics standards and aims to meet the evolving demands of their customers across Greece and Cyprus, both in-store and online.

Trading Assembly & Fastening Material – Würth, Austria

During the Pick-by-Voice project at Würth Austria, a substantial improvement has been achieved in the picking process. As a specialist in trading assembly and fastening materials for professional applications, Würth offers an extensive product range exceeding 120,000 items, ranging from screws, accessories, anchors, tools, chemical-technical products to personal protective equipment. Catering to craftsmen and industrial enterprises, Würth's clientele is served by approximately 500 field service representatives. The integrated approach to the Pick-by-Voice initiative encompassed the development of the process, provision of hardware and software solutions, programming the interface into the Warehouse Management System (WMS), and the provision of corresponding support - all seamlessly delivered from a singular source - LNConsult. This comprehensive solution ensures an efficient and streamlined workflow, exemplifying Würth's commitment to innovation and excellence in addressing the varied requirements of its customer base in Austria.

LNConsult CEO Thomas Mayr:

"The references listed above speak for themselves. These are projects of enormous strategic importance that we develop together with our customers. Efficient logistics form the stable backbone for successful business development. Efficiency is achieved through transparency. However, to bring transparency to future business processes today, intelligent simulation tools and comprehensive project experience are required. At LNConsult, we believe that the use of W2MO and the close cooperation with Logivations precisely provide these success factors."


About Logivations:

Logivations is an international consulting and technology provider with headquarters in Munich. We develop innovative solutions for the optimization of all aspects of logistics based on the latest AI and optimization technologies under the motto "Design by efficiency”. Our software solution W2MO is a globally leading basis for Digital Twins of the Supply Chain, warehouse, and production logistics. Already more than 30.000 professional users worldwide use the Digital Twin based on W2MO directly from the cloud or locally installed. The real-time digitization in W2MO and the use of the Digital Twin for Fleet and Area Management for modern Autonomous Robots is unique.