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Digitalization in practice

Automated generation of article master data and shipment data / cloud-based solution for access across locations

It's time for an efficient supply chain management!

Our new Android-based application guarantees clean data on articles, materials and shipments. If the master data in your company is incorrect, all subsequent processes are as well. Efficient warehousing and high delivery quality cannot be guaranteed. The consequence: considerable additional costs in the supply chain.

The key benefits of our solution:

  • Consitent information on materials, products, articles, goods, consumables and shipments
  • Efficient supply chain management: Effectively used storage and manipulation areas, cost savings through more efficient processes related to product master data
  • Transparency with regard to all supply and product information relevant to the supply chain, e.g. Classifications, dimensions, volume, EAN / packaging materials, bulkiness factor
  • Flexibility in connecting various measuring systems
  • Data provision in the cloud for business partners in the supply chain
  • No compliance problems due to transparent data Sustainable cost reduction in the supply chain
  • Creation of a solid basis for further Industry 4.0 applications