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Albert Kerbl GmbH invests in the expansion of the central warehouse in Ampfing, Germany

Another significant milestone was achieved in the close partnership between Albert Kerbl GmbH ("Kerbl") and LNConsult in mid-August. After the successful designing and tendering phase for Kerbl's new intralogistics, LNConsult is now accompanying the project "Ampfing 3" in the realization and implementation phase. 

LN Consult, 12.10.2023

Expansion building with an total area of 20,000 m² for more efficiency

The expansion building, covering an area of over 20,000 m², accommodates an automated high-bay pallet warehouse with a capacity of approximately 30,000 pallets, an automated small parts warehouse based on the latest shuttle generation with nearly 100,000 storage locations, ergonomic and high-performance goods-to-person picking stations, and an automatic dispatch buffer for order totes. The warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to handle daily operations with the highest efficiency. This ensures that Kerbl continues to prioritize its customers, enabling them to access a growing and unique range of products for all their needs, from livestock to pets, all in one place. 

The strategic decision to expand the central warehouse in Ampfing is of great importance for Kerbl. It not only marks a significant milestone in the company's history but also represents a unique investment in the region around Ampfing. 

"With LNConsult by our side, we have someone who guides us through this important project with expertise and sensitivity. For us, a successful project implementation and a long-term respectful partnership are important," said Managing Director Albert Kerbl. 

The long-awaited groundbreaking ceremony took place on September 28, 2023, officially transitioning the project into the implementation phase and setting the stage for continued successful business growth. 

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About Albert Kerbl GmbH: 

Albert Kerbl GmbH, headquartered in Buchbach, Bavaria, is a growing medium-sized family business with European development, production, logistics, and sales locations. Since its foundation in 1984, it has become the industry-leading B2B partner in the fields of agriculture, pasture fencing, work and safety, horse and rider, hobby farming, and pet supplies, with its extensive brand family. The internationally active company, with more than 730 employees and a turnover of 350 million euros in 2022, places great importance on customer satisfaction, comprehensive service, and sustainability and was awarded the Bavarian Medium-Sized Business Award in 2022.