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Success through precise article master data

Complete and high-quality article master data as a crucial success factor in intralogistics.

LN Consult, 14.04.2024

Given the increasing complexity in logistical processes and the growing use of automation technology in warehouses, the demands for article master data accuracy are also rising. Misinformation, such as inaccurate product dimensions, can lead to downtime in operational warehouse activities and result in significant time and cost resources. Furthermore, article master data forms the foundation for warehouse planning and optimization, the success of which is inconceivable without a solid data basis. Whether the processes within a warehouse are manual, partially automated, or fully automated: the adaptable software LNC VOLUMIO offers an innovative solution that enables seamless capture of logistical master data for various packaging units and other item properties. A realized project already demonstrates that remarkable optimizations and a saving of 8,000 m² of warehouse space were achieved through LNConsult's consultation and solutions. 

Investing in article master data optimization is worthwhile, and LNConsult is your partner to support you in implementation. Together, we lay the groundwork for your success in the dynamic world of logistics.

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