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  • Design a Python script for WLAN software to automate processes (Python script for Ekahau software to fetch API data from the controller and implement it automatically into a file, + other WLAN topics such as WLAN design & validation, WLAN optimization, etc.)
  • Automation for ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) Template Design (Text recognition and verification in generated images: Development of a tool for visual search and verification in ESL)
  • XXX (XXX)
  • XXX (XXX)

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Flat hierarchies

Short information and decision paths


Payment for your work


International projects & international teams

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Space for well-behaved furry noses

Healthy break

Food subsidy, fruit basket, drinks 

Good accessibility

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Flexible working hours with 4-day-week opportunity

Freiraum für Ideen

Raum für Entwicklung und Entfaltung

Space for ideas

Room for individual development

Advancement opportunities

Opportunites to grow on a professional level

Gute Erreichbarkeit

Gute Verkehrsanbindung & Parkmöglichkeit


Flexible Arbeitszeiten, 4-Tage-Woche Option

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Certainly, your skills and professional experience are important, but what's even more intriguing to us are your personality and motivation! When dealing with clients, projects, and working within the team, certain values matter to us. Loyalty, personal responsibility, personal growth, passion, motivation, honesty, innovation, fairness, and commitment shape our actions both internally and externally. Can you identify with these values?

Voices and faces of LNConsult:

Arjun Subramanian Baskaran
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Antonia Schachinger
Sales Application Engineer 
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Lukas Friedl
IT Project Manager 
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Andrew Guske
Senior Consultant Supply Chain Management
(Video: DE)

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