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The Only Tool You Need to Meet and Exceed Your Sales Goals

Experience unparalleled success in your mobile marketing and sales with LNC SELLMATE – the ultimate tool designed specifically for companies and anyone looking to equip their sales representatives and marketing agents with all the resources necessary for successful field marketing and sales.

With a centralized mobile platform that consolidates all essential features and data, achieving and exceeding sales goals has never been easier.  

Let LNC SELLMATE empower you to unlock your sales potential and take your business to the next level.



Intuitive & efficient

LNC SELLMATE provides an exceptional and intuitive e-commerce look-a-like ordering experience, with a dynamic search function, efficient cart options and intelligent product displays.

Its fast and automated order processing, along with seamless integration into customer data sources (stock, prices, etc.), ensures a highly efficient and user-friendly platform for businesses looking to streamline their sales processes.

In addition, LNC SELLMATE offers the benefit of a higher order fulfilment rate, as it provides automatic/manual data updates and access to real-time stock availability.

This, in turn, leads to more up-and-cross-sell options, providing businesses with greater opportunities to increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.


  • Dynamic and intuitive search function for products and recipients, complete with a history feature
  • Live product catalogue display with easy-to-navigate categories
  • Bluetooth connectivity to various devices for increased flexibility
  • Intuitive 360° product (names, prices, discounts, stock, images, etc.) and document insights (status, order lines, values, etc.)
  • Incremental data updates for products, prices, stock, EAN codes, etc.
  • Full functionality with or without a data connection, such as Wi-Fi or mobile
  • Intuitive e-commerce look-a-like functionalities for fast and easy order picking
  • Transportation cost calculation module for added convenience
  • Customizable document creation options for type, payment method and delivery costs
  • Well-documented API web service for seamless integration into customer data sources


  • Work more efficiently and effectively with a user-friendly interface and intuitive design
  • Accelerate order and document processing with digitalized processes
  • Boost sales with a range of sales promotion tools and criteria-based options
  • Find desired products easily with intelligent product displays and robust search functions
  • Stay up-to-date with automatic or manual data updates
  • Ensure uninterrupted productivity, regardless of your internet connection, with the ability to work online or offline
  • Increase revenue potential with comprehensive stock availability overviews
  • Improve customer satisfaction through higher order fulfillment and up-and-cross-sale options