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LNConsult goes Poland! An important step within the internationalization strategy

After the successful expansion in Germany with LNConsult Germany, another significant step within LNConsult's internationalization strategy follows in Poland with Tomasz Cepiak, an experienced logistics expert.

LN Consult, 26.09.2023

Why Poland?

The Polish market is considered a crucial hub within the logistics sector, offering a high density of projects. It is intended to be optimally utilized for LNConsult’s customers and partners in the future. Due to its strategic location in Central Europe and excellent transportation infrastructure, Poland is one of the key countries for supply chains within the European Union and beyond.

How do customers and partners benefit from LNConsult's move?

Innovation, expertise, and passion are highly valued at LNConsult. Therefore, continuous growth in terms of employees, expertise, geographical presence, and experience is essential. Being locally present and accessible to customers in major markets is also important. With Tomasz Cepiak, an experienced logistics specialist on the ground in Poland, LNConsult aims to establish a broader network to leverage all benefits for customers and partners, seizing new opportunities and possibilities firsthand.

Moving the future – quite literally!

This mission at LNConsult is not only written but also lived. And to actively move the future, it's crucial to keep moving. Who knows where LNConsult will head next. 😉

To be continued!

Tomasz Cepiak
Senior Consultant Supply Chain & Intralogistics | Business Development
Expert for the Polish market

Get in touch with Tomasz to optimize your Supply Chain & Intralogistics:
+48 609 817 071