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Next-Gen retail solutions based on Artificial Intelligence

Together with our partner Aurify Systems we help retailers to strategize, optimize and stay future ready.

Aurify Systems is specialized in providing next-gen solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and provides analytics in the areas of image, video and data with real time actionable insights. The analytics generated help organizations to understand operations better and derive patterns which helps strategize, optimize and become future ready.

With an experience of a few hundred store installations across various regions in the retail industry, they are able to deploy highly improvised pre-trained models and bring best practices to their remote deployments.

The solutions are asset light as they utilize the existing infrastructure of CCTV and compute to the maximum extent to reduce capex investments.

Our precise data and video analytic solutions help retailers in the following areas:

  • customer profiling
  • end-customer experience
  • automation
  • surveillance
  • operations
  • business growth
  • safety & compliance
  • predictions

Since partnering with the supply chain knowhow leader LNConsult, retailers benefit from the accumulated expertise of both experts! Both know the retail industry well and bring in their core competences in technology and consulting to help retailers grow further and redefine their efficiency.

Learn more about already in-use solutions and possible use cases by contacting our experts.