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Kotsovolos entering the crucial phase of warehouse realization together with logistics expert LNConsult

For many years, the Greek electrical and electronics retailer, Kotsovolos, has relied on the expertise of the Austrian logistics consulting firm LNConsult. Through this close partnership, significant progress and milestones have already been achieved in Kotsovolos' logistics.

LN Consult, 11.01.2024

Outstanding partnership since 2019

For more than four years, Kotsovolos – Dixons South East Europe, the top destination of electrical and electronic devices has been relying on the Austrian logistics consulting company LNConsult GmbH. Throughout this longstanding partnership several steps within Kotsovolos’ supply chain and logistics starting with a Logistics Audit & Optimization Roadmap have been successfully implemented. After Kotsovolos’ decision for building a new warehouse, LNConsult performed a Conceptual Design, and a Detailed Design. LNConsult also successfully led the tendering process for the selection of the appropriate material handling equipment supplier for the new warehouse.

Nikos Patiniotakis, New DC & Transformation Project Manager at Kotsovolos, says, "Four years of hard work and dedication – we are more than happy to have LNConsult as experts for all our logistics projects by our side. Their know-how, especially in the fields of intralogistics and supply chain, has guided us throughout the last years. It's not only their professional work ethics that are valuable, but also the strength of their close cooperation.”


Realization phase of the new warehouse

After completing the various intralogistics and supply chain optimization steps, Kotsovolos is now in the realization phase of implementing their new warehouse, partnering once again with the Austrian logistics expert LNConsult. The focus has shifted from planning to actually establishing the new warehouse in the West Attika Area of Athens, Greece.


New warehouse in detail

The upcoming warehouse facility, spanning a total of 56,000 square meters, is designed to supply to more than 97 stores in Greece as well as Cyprus and also catering to direct online orders from customers.

Different storage areas are incorporated and necessary due to the specific requirements of the article structure, including a block storage, pallet storage with conventional pallet racks and Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) system. The warehouse also contains a state-of-the-art automated shuttle warehouse technology with goods-to-person stations for handling small parts.

"After such a long and close collaboration, we are very excited for the realization phase and the successful go-live of the new warehouse. This project signifies a leap forward in Kotsovolos’ logistics standards, aimed at delivering the perfect response to specific needs of Kotsovolos.”, says Arjun Subramanian Baskaran, responsible Project Manager at LNConsult.


About Kotsovolos:

Kotsovolos, member of Currys PLC group, is a top destination of electrical and electronic devices, following the vision to empower people to live a better life with technology. Through 97 physical stores in Greece and Cyprus, a big team of 3.000+ people,, and state-of-the-art call centers, the company offers a wide range of high-tech products, an integrated service portfolio under the K+ brand and specialized B2B solutions.

For 73 years, it has been bringing technological updates first and creating a 360° technological experience that meets every need, for every person, quickly and easily.

Kotsovolos is more than a retailer.