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Picking solutions as combined wearables

Picking solutions are used to direct orders quickly and reliably through the warehouse and transfer the items to the picking department on schedule. The warehouse workers who prepare the picking can find the goods faster, more accurately and in a more optimized way to prepare them for the next work steps. Digital solutions reduce the error rate enormously compared to manual systems. 

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LN Consult, 31.01.2022

Proven digital picking solutions

There are different types of picking solutions. The entire portfolio used by LNConsult offers a significant reduction in error rates, simple and fast operation of the software and high flexibility in integration. Depending on the application, different solutions come with different advantages:

  • Pick-to/-by-light: This is a stationary solution - the warehouse assistant navigates through the warehouse to the correct location using light signals. He sees the number of pieces he has to pick on a display and confirms the pick by pressing a button. The light signal then guides them to the next picking rack.
  • Pick-by-voice: The warehouse worker carries the device with him and is guided through the warehouse by voice. He continuously receives commands by voice signal. The employee's actions are also confirmed by voice. Different (language) profiles can be created for the employees so that instructions are understood and input from the worker can be recognized.
  • Pick-by-vision: The warehouse worker wears glasses through which the commands are displayed. This is one of the newest technologies, but the operation is also very complex for the employee.
  • Pick-by-motion: Here, the gripping movements of the warehouse worker are tracked by a camera. Gestures such as "thumbs up" are transmitted as "OK" and "thumbs down" as a correction, e.g. to reduce the picked quantity. Also this system keeps the hands free during picking and dialogs are controlled by hand movements.
  • Pick-by-robot: This is a picking technique using automation technology. The robot takes over all the activities of the warehouse employee and picks the orders.

Which solution is the most efficient varies from use case to use case. Sometimes different technologies are available to workers and they can independently choose the one that suits them best. All solutions allow workers to have their hands free when picking. The key to all systems is always the software and analytics behind them. 


ROI in the shortest possible time

No large warehouse can do without suitable picking solutions. The e-commerce sector in particular requires faster and more precise picking stroke rates. A high number of smaller orders makes goods picking more and more complex.

Reduced error rates and better performance with less effort lead to more efficient processes in the warehouse - which in the end saves time and money. 


And where is the trend heading?

In the future, we will work more and more with combined wearables. This means that different solutions will be combined. Pick-by-voice, for example, will be combined with pick-by-vision to exploit an even wider range of benefits.

However, more complexity through the use of different systems also means that warehouse workers need a longer familiarization period. Although working with digital systems, a lot is demanded of the human brain. The aim is always for the systems to make the user's work easier and at the same time reduce the error rate. 

In the background, systems such as "digital twins" are used, which optimize the work and processes of the respective warehouse employees based on recorded meta-data. Picking processes can also be controlled in real time that way. If new orders come in, they are integrated into the employee's picking tour in real time, so that routes are always used efficiently. 

In the field of picking solutions, development is ongoing and improved systems are constantly coming onto the market. LNConsult always has its finger on the pulse here and integrates the latest innovations for its customers. 

The well-known manufacturer ProGlove cooperates with other manufacturers such as Zebra, Samsung, Honeywell Voice or Wavelink/Ivanti to work together on technical optimizations.

Pick-by-voice solutions are increasingly evolving from classic voice terminals towards Android terminals.


Combined wearables

All picking solutions can be combined with various wearables. Whether it is a MDE device (mobile data entry), a tablet or a wearable scanner - in the end, it is all about the practicability in the respective application area, the compatibility of the various devices and the integration possibilities into the existing, digital system. In most cases, the solutions are directly connected to the company's warehouse management system and the data runs in real time in both directions.