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Master data: Key to success

Well-maintained master data ensure more space and efficiency in the warehouse. The most important thing is capturing the correct product dimensions.

In the successful planning and optimization of a partially or fully automated warehouse, the careful recording of logistical master data is essential. It is easy to explain why: They decide how and whether the product is stored or not and they influence all subsequent processes. The higher the level of automation in the warehouse, the greater the need to record exact logistical master data. Only in this way processes can be properly controlled and executed. If, for example, the product dimensions are not specified correctly, this can lead to a standstill in the warehouse, which in turn will cost enormous time and financial resources. The influence of master data is not only important in the warehouse, but also on the trucks. Badly planned or overloaded trucks cost money! In addition to the cost of unused space, there is also a risk of penalties and delays in delivery. The measurement and recording of master data is therefore one of the most important todos in logistics - regardless of whether the processes run manually, semi- or fully automatically.

Correct dimensions are key to success

The length, width, height and weight of an article are referred to as "master data” in the logistics process and are crucial for a well-functioning supply chain. Linked to data carriers (barcodes, 2D codes, RFID tags), they enable smooth processes for both incoming and outgoing goods. Well-maintained master data ensure a higher storage density and thus more efficient use of the logistics space. In this way, the required functional areas can be calculated precisely for warehouse planning as well as for retrofit projects of existing logistics areas. If a warehouse is used optimally due to the availability of master data, it will not only save space, but also costs. Note: poorly maintained master data can have the opposite effect! If the calculated storage space is insufficient, expensive expansions of space have to be organized - this phenomenom is known as so-called "sunk costs".

Good consulting helps to save costs

LNConsult relies on correct article master data in projects to optimize supply chains. A new warehouse was recently planned in Serbia for our customer Savacoop - based on well-maintained article master data. The amazing result was a saving of around 8,000 m² of storage space, which resulted in significant cost savings. Further digitization steps are now being implemented in intralogistics together with the customer. This example is a stunning proof of how essential correctly maintained article master data is for the optimization of logistics costs.

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Laser scanners and cameras scan the load directly on the forklift.

Multiscan device enables exact testing and adaptation of the master data of the articles.

In the scan zone, goods can be scanned using laser scanners and cameras as they drive through.