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Consulting radar: Worldwide trust in consulting services from LNConsult


"When we started our consulting business with a focus on supply chain management and logistics more than 20 years ago, we mainly had regional and national clients. Today, we look back on an incredible international success story." Thomas Mayr, CEO LNConsult

In addition to its ever-expanding expertise in supply chain management and logistics, LNConsult has also made a name for itself in recent years as a digitization partner in the retail sector. Currently, the Austrian company with locations in Fernitz near Graz and Vienna serves key customers in all parts of Europe and beyond the continent.

Customers in South Korea, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, Greece, India, Ukraine and of course in Austria count on LNConsult's many years of experience and cross-industry expertise in supply chain and intralogistics consulting projects. Especially in retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and industry, projects are becoming more numerous, comprehensive and international.


A functioning supply chain is the backbone of every company - efficient intralogistics also leads to constant margin and profit optimization. This is exactly what the holistic consulting approach à la LNConsult guarantees. We optimize the AS-IS, we simulate various supply chain future scenarios and develop intralogistics solutions that create a competitive edge over the competition.

"We notice that our international experience based on projects realized worldwide is highly appreciated by our customers. There are only a few companies in Europe that can offer such a comprehensive service."

There are many reasons for this. Not every consulting company dares to take the step into an international project environment. For LNConsult it has always been clear that they follow market opportunities and implement projects where customers and realization potential are located. This mindset is part of the company DNA and partly responsible for the more than 20 years of success.

Proximity to the customer has always been an important key to success. After all, you have to understand the market conditions and characteristics in order to offer the best advice. In order to be even closer to customers in the future, the presence in key markets such as Austria, Germany, Southeastern Europe, Russia, India, but also in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is being continuously expanded.

For this purpose, the local, but also the international team is constantly being expanded! LNConsult opens the doors for a future in international project consulting and is looking forward to further staff growth. Now is the right time to take this step and start a professional career with LNConsult or to continue the already chosen career path with LNConsult. Application documents are always welcome at