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Unlock the Power of Volumetric Master Data for Your Logistics Success!

Have you ever asked yourself:
What are volumetric master data? What are they needed for? What are the benefits of volumetric master data? How can the process of capturing master data be optimized?
Here are your answers!

LN Consult, 30.05.2023

What are volumetric master data?

Volumetric logistics master data refer to information about the volume and dimensions of items or goods in the logistics industry. These data typically include details such as the length, width, height, and weight of an item.


Why are volumetric logistics master data needed?

Volumetric logistics master data are of great importance for various logistic processes, such as calculating available warehouse space, optimizing packaging and transportation, calculating freight costs, and planning and managing loading capacities in vehicles and storage facilities.

By using volumetric logistics master data, companies can make more efficient and accurate logistic decisions, better utilize resources, and optimize warehouse and transportation processes.


What are the core 5 benefits my company can gain from capturing volumetric logistics master data?

1. Optimization of warehouse space: Accurate information about the dimensions of items allows companies to use available warehouse space more efficiently. This enables better planning of storage capacities and reduces vacancies or overloading.

2. Improved packaging and transport planning: Volumetric master data assists in selecting optimal packaging methods and materials for items. This leads to more efficient utilization of space in transport vehicles and reduces potential damage during transportation.

3. Precise calculation of freight costs: By having precise knowledge of the dimensions and weight of items, companies can accurately calculate freight costs. This allows for better budget planning and cost control.

4. Efficient resource utilization: Optimizing packaging, transportation, and storage based on volumetric data enables companies to use their resources, such as warehouse space, vehicles, and workforce, more efficiently. This results in cost savings and improved overall efficiency of logistics operations.

5. More accurate inventory management: By accurately capturing the dimensions and weight of items, companies can track and manage their inventory more precisely. This helps avoid shortages, plan for replenishment, and ensure high inventory accuracy.


How can the process of capturing article master data be optimized?

It's simple: With the help of LNC VOLUMIO System Suite!

LNC VOLUMIO System Suite is the ultimate solution that combines the power of a mobile application and a web por tal to seamlessly streamline volumetric article master data management. With LNC Volumio Suite, you can experience cutting-edge logistics software that empowers you to optimize your warehouse operations like never before.

With the software's intuitive interface, you can easily capture and manage article master data such as dimensions, weight, and pictures quickly and reliably. LNC Volumio runs on all android devices and internet browsers and can connect to any measuring device and storage system (local, cloud).

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