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LNConsult wins Serbian Logistics Award 

What an honor! On November 9, 2021, LNConsult was awarded for the "Best Logistics Project of the Year" in Serbia during the "Logistics & Transport Annual Conference". Sales Manager Peter Ekart and Head of Operations Marko Pletersek from LNConsult received the award on site in Belgrade together with Logistic Manager Miroslav Djurica from Savacoop.



The Serbian Logistics Association (SLA) aims to increase the efficiency and productivity of logistics operations in companies and supply chains. Every year the organization organizes the "Logistics & Transport Annual Conference", where also the Serbian Logistics Award for the best logistics project of the year in Serbia is presented. LNConsult was not only one of the four nominees for the award, but also participated as an exhibitor and speaker. Peter Ekart revealed insights about key factors for the implementation of a highly efficient logistics center in an exciting session.

On November 9, the conference was held live again for the first time after the Corona-related break last year. LNConsult's winning project was already submitted in 2020 - so the prize was awarded retroactively for 2020.

Among all submissions, four projects made it to the final selection - including the one of LNConsult, which showed the Serbian company Savacoop d.o.o. enormous savings potential. All projects were evaluated according to the criteria of degree of innovation, sustainability, increase in efficiency, reduction of logistics costs and also the benefit for the end customer.


Savacoop d.o.o. is a leading wholesaler in Serbia, founded in 1993 in Novi Sad. The company imports and distributes crop protection products, seeds, feed, fertilizers, greenhouse films, irrigation equipment, agricultural implements, tools and technical equipment, as well as garden, hobby and household goods. Savacoop employs more than 200 people, carries a range of about 8000 products, supplies about 3500 customers, manages 500 suppliers and operates 50 delivery trucks and four warehouses. As the company grew, the structures and processes became more and more complex. LNConsult had the opportunity to support Savacoop in one of its largest projects to date. The plan was to build a distribution center. In order to increase efficiency, the new large warehouse was to combine the various locations into a central and modern central hub. The most important aspects of the consulting process were an extensive supply chain audit, the conceptual and detailed planning, the support of the tendering process and subsequently the support of the implementation and supervision. Digital solutions from LNConsult such as the WLAN infrastructure and hardware components for the new location were also installed during the implementation phase.

As part of the project, LNConsult also focused heavily on the detailed and comprehensive recording of item master data. This valuable step was able to reduce the planned storage area of 26,000 m2 enormously. The result was not only a considerable reduction in costs, but also a reduction in process complexity. The new logistics concept is not only designed to meet today's requirements, but also takes into consideration the company's future challenges. The detailed project planning provides for a clear action plan up to 2028. One of the most important milestones - the commissioning of the new distribution center - was implemented in 2020 and retroactively honored in 2021 with the logistics award for the best logistics project of the year in Serbia.


The innovative warehouse - one of the most modern ones in Serbia - is now ready to meet all logistical requirements, including the very complex ones coming with e-commerce services. In addition, the new warehouse also created space for a server environment. Savacoop thus has the opportunity to offer the first cloud in Novi Sad. Under the brand Neocloud (, these cloud servers in the most modern technical data center that also meets Tier3 standards are provided to external customers. All Neocloud systems are equipped with two power supplies, spare units and redundant cooling systems. Savacoop uses LNConsult's modern telecommunication system with multiple connections to international Tier1 operators in Vienna, national telecommunication networks in Belgrade and direct Internet access via BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) protocol.