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New innovative working hour model: Our new FREE Friday

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are introducing a regional sensation: The new FREE Friday. Starting April 1, 2023, employees will have access to an unprecedented working hours model. Full-time employees will have the option to distribute their hours over their workdays and keep Fridays free. This should result in increased well-being, improved working atmosphere, and higher job satisfaction.

"An initial and very contemporary step towards the currently much talked-about four-day workweek. Everything is possible, nothing is mandatory," says LNConsult CEO Thomas Mayr.

As one of the leading consulting and IT companies in the supply chain and (intra)logistics sector, we are responding to employee expectations by introducing a different kind of four-day workweek option for the entire company. A Styrian sensation!

This new freedom is an additional optional offer to the unchanged 38.5-hour workweek. Of course, those who wish can continue with the traditional five-day workweek option.

"At LNConsult, we have been actively implementing flexible working for a long time. With the introduction of the new FREEday, we are taking the next logical step. We are pleased to contribute to more flexibility and a better work-life balance for our employees," says Karin Kettler, HR/Legal Manager at LNConsult.

(Picture: LNConsult)

LN Consult, 02.11.2022

LNConsult: Efficiency Redefined

With more than 20 years of expertise and industry know-how across the entire supply chain, we are THE leading consulting and IT company. As a long-term Austrian partner and confidant, we help our clients react quickly and effectively to digital changes, keeping their companies on course. Our top priority is to make our customers even more successful!

As a flexible and innovative employer, we are particularly concerned with meeting the needs of the new generation as well as our existing employees. Adapted working hours models are becoming an important contribution to higher job satisfaction and have a significant impact on employee health.

With the introduction of more flexible working hours up to the optional four-day workweek, we are sending an important signal in the constantly changing world of work:

• We create plenty of room for individual employee wishes and needs.

• We take an innovative step and promote flexibility and work-life balance.

The potential, health, and well-being of our employees are our most valuable asset and the cornerstone of our business success.



In addition to the new FREE Friday, our option for a "four-day week", there are many other benefits. If you like flat hierarchies, personal responsibility, international projects and a cool, familiar team, you will be happy with us. In addition, there are always team buildings and various events to strengthen cohesion. In addition to weekly fresh fruit, drinks, enough coffee and a meal allowance, a company pension plan also pays for your future. As an innovative employer, we are particularly interested in the development and growth of each individual employee and welcome individual ideas and suggestions.

Companies currently have to react faster than ever to market needs, continuously improve internal processes and increase efficiency in the every corner. Successful employee management is at the heart of corporate management and guarantees the company's success.

Therefore, it is not only the employees who benefit from the new model, but we as a whole company, and that is exactly how it should be.  

Win - win for everyone!


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